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How will Skinny Chocolate help me achieve my goal, is the second most asked question, right after: What is the difference between Skinny Chocolate and dark chocolate. We already covered the topic regarding the difference between Skinny and dark chocolate, so this time we will cover the next one.

I will try to summarize on one page three years of studies, frustration and trial and error. Like many other people, I never thought of chocolate being anything but candy. Some chocolate has more sugar, some less, some has dairy, some no dairy, some has gluten, soy, etc, but in general I took it for granted. If it was labeled as dark, the flavor was usually harsh. If it was milk or white chocolate, the flavor was better, but the aftermath not so pleasant. To summarize, I was not a chocolate person. I am into a healthy lifestyle, I carefully watch what I eat, and I could not justify or see any benefits of having chocolate in my diet.Then by accident I stumbled upon this quote:

“During the conquest (of Caribbean Islands and Meso America), (Hernando) Cortes also tasted a warm, bitter drink made with cocoa beans called ‘xocoatl. This was also called the ‘royal drink, which Emperor Montezuma apparently consumed 50 times a day. Furthermore, Cortes noted that the Aztecs were using cocoa beans as a currency substitute for gold.”

Link to full article:

Upon reading this article, and then many more, I was amazed by the powers attributed to dark chocolate. I mean comparing chocolate to gold, chocolate being able to power soldiers for battles. It could not be further from the idea that I had regarding the chocolate. So step by step as I started my research, I think I figured out what the story was about. If treated properly, dark chocolate turns into a super-food. It becomes a powerful supplement, that easily could climb to the top of the health food chain. Having said all of the above, Skinny Chocolate is created to do the job that once upon a time, gave the chocolate divine status. So to go back to the original question: How will Skinny Chocolate help me achieve my goal?

Skinny Chocolate has the purest form of dark chocolate as it’s base. Adding our propriatory blend, something we were mastering for the last three years, conducting studies on ourselves and several volunteers, turns the base into a super-food. Our goal is to provide maximum benefits with minimum, or even better, no side effects. Health benefits of dark chocolate are well documented, but we managed to push it to the next level. Skinny Chocolate is designed to assist you with weight management, to stop sugar cravings, to boost energy and to improve general well being (if used as recommended), the same way that any other health supplement would. Once we realized how not to make just another chocolate candy, but rather powerful ally in a healthy diet, the sky was the limit. All you need to start your Skinny diet is motivation. Skinny Chocolate will do the rest.  As we begin our Skinny journey, we assist and guide each client in how to use Skinny Chocolate, until they can continue on their own. Our goal is to see them look better, feel better, feel stronger and in control of their urges. Just a bite of Skinny Chocolate (1/3 of an ounce, with only 2 grams of sugar) taken 5 minutes after a meal will stop the glycemic “train” in the blood like a concrete wall. Our volunteers first, and then our clients told us that from sugar “junkie” to sugar freedom, takes approximately two to three weeks. We keep reminding our clients that delicious taste comes as a bonus. It is not the reason for them to eat Skinny Chocolate.

To summarize: Skinny Chocolate is designed to help you eliminate consuming excess sugar from your diet; to help you suppress the appetite; to help you digest the food after a meal and eliminate need for deserts; it can be a meal replacement; it can be a snack in between meals, or a good night snack. If you are into healthy lifestyle, Skinny Chocolate will be your best kept secret, giving you the edge in a form of delicious and tasteful reward. Once you achieve your goal, Skinny will help you maintain the results. For optimal benefits, we encourage our clients to eat less Skinny Chocolate, but to eat it as daily supplement. Follow the recommended daily usage and schedule, and Skinny will deliver the results. Guaranteed. Remember: LESS IS MORE!

Wendy Dawn is an artisanal chocolate maker and creator of Truffolie chocolates ( Wendy studied at the French Culinary Institute and L’Ecole Vahlrona in New York.
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